Loss of Direction in Grief

When/if sadness and/grief
Rob/deaden your discipline and/or dedication
You might/must decide to quit, and/or retreat.
How/why do you go on and/or continue daily
If you’ve lost/set aside energy and/or hope
For the future/tomorrow?
How long will/may grief dominate and/or destroy
Each day/night?
Who/what can relieve and/or overcome the pain?
Is/Isn’t this for God/Allah/the Oversoul/a Higher Power
To do/perform/solve/mitigate/ease?

One Week Later

Covid 19/coronavirus took/killed my older brother.
That evil/vicious virus
Struck/smote him in December
His painful/unexpected death
Was another preventable/unnecessary
Event/incident in overlong/endless 2020.

One Month Later

I speak in complete sentences now Without hesitating on words to choose…

They may be exposed to more than church lessons

Recently two friends and I stumbled upon the subject of religion as we were sharing things that happened to us when we were little girls.

None of the three of us attends any type of church now. None of us has much respect for organized religion.

As we shared experiences, we discovered that each of us had had some type of scary attention from a minster or an adult member of the churches we attended with our families.

We were lucky little girls. None of us was raped by an adult in our churches. …

From an ex-ist

Internal terrorism rising from narrow nationalism
Reminds me of the chills I feel
When hearing many words ending in ist or ism.
Many of us accused of favoring socialism
Instead feel a favoritism
Toward the system of capitalism,
As long as it doesn’t slide into mercantilism
Which widens and worsens the gap
Between richism and povertyism.

These slides and gaps can descend deeper,
Giving opportunism to purveyors of egotism
And narcissism to encourage hooliganism.
So they can advocate using militarism
To take over, declaring their leadership
Of new versions of fascism
And totalitarianism.

SO let’s stop sliding down with the…

The state elects two Democrats in runoff election

The two Democratic senatorial candidates in Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 won their races. To repeat, both Democratic candidates won.

In Georgia. President Trump was very effective at turning off his fellow Republicans from even voting. His rhetoric, which started off as crazy-old-uncle rants, descended into urging Georgia Republican officials to break their state laws and federal laws to change the November election results and then declare Trump had won the state after all.

How low can Trump go?

The fear I feel is from wondering what Trump will do between now and Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Day on January 20th. Thank…

The covid virus is like AK-47s aimed directly at us.

I’m going to repeat the gist of my headline again. We’re at War. The covid virus is like AK-47s aimed directly at us. I think the reason a large percentage of the people in our country do not believe the virus is even real much less how many of our fellow citizens have died from it is because we have not spoken in language harsh enough, direct enough, to understand.

People in our country don’t need to have guns explained to us. We have more guns in this country than we have people. …

Why Do We Use It To Provoke Anger?

Hello, fellow Anne-archists.

Do you feel the same nervous tension that many of our fellow Americans and people around the world are feeling? We have been bombarded with angry accusations from all sides, from any and all with feelings of how the United States of America should operate.

Now the wait is over. American voters have decided which politicians we want to help guide our country in the executive and legislative branches of government.

I’m glad it’s over, maybe….

Like many others, I’m glad Election Day is finally over. I say that tentatively, because no one at this point knows what the results of this…

It’s time for us to speak up.

When I first thought of creating my own publication, I decided the title should announce that here would be the space for me to let my opinions rip, when necessary.

Most of the time Annearchy is a quiet space, where I hope to have visitors that care about the earth, our fellow humans, and always, always the animals as much as I do.

At times I feel the need to express my opinion(s) on subjects as diverse as global warming and global inequality.

When my arthritis acts up, my thoughts (and gripes) turn to the personal. I can’t help but…

A fable for the times — A Short Story

The dusty rocking chairs lined up on the front porch of Field’s Home for Older Adults move slowly in the late afternoon breeze. A stranger coming upon the scene of the chairs softly swaying may be forgiven for thinking the chairs’ motion comes from their being recently vacated by residents of the Home. But the only people who disturb the chairs’ dust are those who come dressed in their Sunday finery to make brief visits to elderly relatives.

The residents feel the cold outside the front doors of the Field’s Home for Older Adults is too much to test, even…

Anne Chisom

Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.

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