We’re At War, Folks!

The covid virus is like AK-47s aimed directly at us.

I’m going to repeat the gist of my headline again. We’re at War. The covid virus is like AK-47s aimed directly at us. I think the reason a large percentage of the people in our country do not believe the virus is even real much less how many of our fellow citizens have died from it is because we have not spoken in language harsh enough, direct enough, to understand.

People in our country don’t need to have guns explained to us. We have more guns in this country than we have people. Unfortunately, not all enemies who come at us and after us are going to be susceptible to killing by any type of guns.

Covid-19 virus is unlike most enemies we have known in the past. It is more deadly than most, if we count danger by the number of Americans killed. Already more than one quarter of a million Americans have been killed by this virus. That’s so far. That’s in less than one year’s time.

There is hope there will be vaccines available by early next year to begin inoculating us against the virus. In other words, our most effective weapon of defense is going to come from the medical world, from science.

This IS like a war, with too many victims.

Some Americans don’t think this virus is as serious as it actually is. There are some who call it a hoax. In some cases this is because these people so far have not known any of the victims.

To these doubters, I’ll simply mention the VietNam War. That war was the first one watched on Americans’ television sets. Americans got so used to watching as the fighting went on and on that the announced number of casualties became just numbers, not individual soldiers’ lives that were abruptly and painfully ended.

During that war, most Americans only came to realize later that more than 58,000 Americans were killed. They only felt this loss as they watched hearses passing by on our streets and roads, carrying these lost soldiers to their final rest in cemeteries.

Masks save lives. Masks save the lives of the people wearing them in many cases or at least prevent them from getting covid-19. Masks also help protect everyone around the wearer. People in public are wearing masks so we can stop the rapid growth of the virus. Why would you wait for vaccines to help us control the virus?

More than 11 million Americans have contracted this virus in the past 11 months. So obviously most of its victims do recover. But that is no solace to the families and friends of the more than 250,000 Americans who have passed away from this illness that none of us had even heard of last year.

Masks Not Macho Enough For You?

One persistent, pernicious lie about the virus is often stated as, “it’s no worse or more dangerous than the flu.” That story is so wrong. The severity of our usual flu cases is too mild to rate any comparison to Covid-19. The number of American deaths caused yearly by the flu averages between 30,000 and 40,000 people. Do I need to repeat that more than 250,000 Americans have died from covid-19 in less than one year?

How can each of us help to win this war? Actually so little is being asked of us. The three weapons each of us has to fight this enemy are wearing anti-covet masks; keeping at least 6 to 8 feet away from other people; and washing or disinfecting our hands frequently. Doing these three things consistently will help save lives until there is widespread access to the new vaccines in the near future.

Let’s all join this war effort and help end the pandemic. To put it more bluntly, let’s help save the health and the lives of our families, friends, neighbors, and anyone else in our orbit, including ourselves, of course.

Be safe, stay home, and please stay healthy! Let’s keep in touch! You can keep up with what’s happening in this virtual neighborhood by tapping here.

Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.

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