This May Be A Haiku Kind of Month

Short poems may prevail

Photo by Floraf on Unsplash

Some days are haikus
There’s not much to say for them
Some haikus say more

On brain-foggy days
Some turn thoughts into haikus
Hoping for deep truths

So far the month of May has me sprouting like an out-of-control plant, traipsing off in too many directions.

Since I don’t want to plant my thoughts too long in any spot (ahem) and possibly stunt any growth they show so far, I plan to try Medium’s Short Form type of articles. These articles must be 150 words or shorter. The brief length should allow me to grow a more plentiful crop of poems and articles.

Let’s hope the crop produces more pretty flowers than scraggly weeds.

Thanks for reading this! I hope you will want to see what I’ve cultivated on Medium so far. You can find the link to those articles and poems here.

Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.

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