The Oneness of All of Us

A short look at the big picture

Life treats us as one
We have triumphs and traumas
Then it ends, we don’t

This week has been sparked by competing emotions in my life. No dramatic events, just reminders of how quickly any events can change our lives. We cannot call these conflicting emotions, because all of them are reminders of what we are likely to feel at some time in our lives.

I have felt physically and emotionally younger this week, listening to all the types of music I love as I’ve potted, planted, and weeded on my deck in the Spring sunshine. For a change, we haven’t been blown from the West by gusty winds. I’ve written some pages in my novel. I’ve heard from good friends.

A friend’s news

Then the Universe sent me messages of the realities of being on Earth, which includes, of course, obeying Time’s rules of life progression. For example, a friend called to say the doctors had confirmed that her husband (also a good friend) does indeed have prostate cancer.

Worse, they suggest giving him injections to stop the production of testosterone to give him a better quality of life, and do nothing else. In other words, it’s too late for any type of treatment, my friend said.

I will write more about this, but not today. And not all of it online. There is so little friends can do in these circumstances, isn’t there? But, to be trite, it is when we find who our true friends are.

Another friend

This week I have also been remembering another former friend whose birthday is May 29. She was the person I went to Australia with in 2002. She was Australian by birth, but had finished her education in the States. She stayed, became an American citizen, and was a tenured professor at San Francisco State until her retirement.

She moved to Virginia then, which is when I met her. She was 12 0r 14 years older than me,and had lost none of her native Australian bluster and bossiness. But in the discussion groups we both attended, for some reason, I could defend my part of arguments and hold my own, to my surprise (and I’m sure many others, too).

Anyway, seven years and a lot of history later, she died in a car accident after leaving my house. Every year around the time of her birthday, I am flooded with memories.

On the other hand…

I haven’t even mentioned much about my almost euphoric mood that wants to break through and take over. I’m looking forward to it, although it’s so amorphous and free-floating, it may retreat to my sleeping state. Oh, well, that’s better than having it depart and disappear forever.

This blog post is not my most organized work, I realize. But for once I feel I have too much to write, so if you read me often, expect to see elements in words from everything floating around in my mind currently and mentioned here.

Let me return to the title of this article and the haiku below it. All of my memories and ruminations this week have revolved around time and cycles.

My belief and theme

I firmly believe that each of us grows, changes, experiences cycles of earthly happiness and unhappiness. Then each cycle on earth ends, but we don’t end.

Sorry if I sound preachy, which is something I’m not usually accused of.

Just expressing my belief, which also is the theme of this post.

In other words,the gist of my message is to live every minute in your life cycle.

We don’t avoid life’s predictable highs and lows by hiding away in corners — or anywhere else.

Thanks for reading this! If you want to find more of my stories and poems, follow the link, here.

Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.

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