Strangers in My Strange Dreams

Anne Chisom
2 min readSep 19
Image from NASA

Some nights strange dreams
Filled with and feeling like
Deja vu, reliving the past
Appear, or do they arise?
Unanswered questions appear,
Needing their answers still.

These dreams often make
Me feel alone, on my own
Since many traditions
Are now dead in this world
And old assigned roles
No longer apply.

Strangers in tonight’s dreams
Feel like they’re known to me.
Have lifetimes mingled or merged?
If that’s what’s happening,
Where is the energy and comfort
Of my mentor from each lifetime?

I want to receive answers
And advice about the
Changing, warming earth.
Will this lifetime end
During the final days
When Earth is still habitable?

Or will Earth’s warming
Seem to take much longer,
At least to those who only
Know or believe in time
As measured on this planet.
Will I still be here to care?

My current thoughts don’t
Feel as sad as my words sound.
Perhaps that is because
I’m approaching old age
On Earth and will go
Somewhere anyway.

In truth, I trust this change
With my highest Spiritual
Energy, which always stays
Above any intrusion from
My ego or my fears.
I trust my energy essence.

Image from NASA

The thoughts in this poem express the feelings that come over me in early autumn every year. Since I now have this effort to cover too many thoughts in too short a space out of my brain, maybe I’ll switch to more traditional Fall themes.

Thank you for reading this and enjoying the space images from NASA.

“Stairway to Heaven” seems appropriate to the theme, the images, and my hopes for an inclusive, upbeat heaven. I’m featuring the version by Heart, since too many haven’t heard it yet.

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