Maybe May Will Grow Poems for Me

Maybe longer than haikus

Sometimes a haiku
Can express profound wisdom
Within its short form.

Some days even haikus
Refuse to form from our thoughts
Maybe sleeping in?

As the headline above says, I want the warm days of May to inspire a bumper crop of haikus, other poems, and maybe even some stories from me.

So here I am publishing on Medium three days after my last submission, instead of the following day. I had planned to submit at least five days in a row this week. I had also planned to pat myself on the back for being active again among the lively writers on Medium.

A couple of my excuses for this slow week so far are: a storm and power outage one day, phone outage one day, making calls trying to find someone to repair/save my wooden fence that is leaning farther over (or is that supposed to be further over?) from the winds with each successive storm.

Obviously, nothing outrageous has happened this week. My most honest excuse is: I have acquired a case of the lazies. The ‘lazies’ happens to be my term for those periods when I hate to settle down to write, to draw maps for settings in my WIP (calling it my novel still makes me afraid I’ll jinx the project), or to do anything productive.

Maybe I’ll find out in my next haikus or longer poems why I’m avoiding work.

Here’s the previous poem:

Thank you for reading this. If you want to read more of my poems and articles, you can find the link to them here.

Thanks again!

Writing on whatever strikes my mood, from politics to humor (or a combination of the two), to spirituality, or whatever else shows up. Retired, not in retreat.

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