Have You Ever Worn A Miner’s Headlamp?

I have one and I love it

Anne Chisom


Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

It’s summer in Virginia. We have the usual heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. In my small tree-filled town, we lose our electricity often because of those large trees, lightning strikes, and too many old above-ground power lines.

Usually, the electric power in our homes and businesses isn’t out of service for more than a few hours. But those lost hours in late afternoon or after full night time darkness are frustrating, to say the least.

How many things can we do in the dark?

I asked that question once during a Zoom call and received the perfect answer for me: a modified (smaller) miner’s headlamp. Meg Stewart, one of the Ninja Writers team on Medium, gave that suggestion because those lights are what her family uses on camping trips.

I took Meg’s idea and ordered one of the headlamps online.

I have loved my headlamp ever since the day I received it.

I confess. At first, I thought about how ridiculous I must look wearing a small headlight on my forehead. Was I going to look like one of the Minions I remembered from their movie years ago?

Then my common sense intervened. Who was going to see me wearing my miner’s headlamp? And so what if they did? Most of us need more laughs in our lives.

Now I have a hands-free headlamp!

I keep my headlamp in my bedside table drawer so that when I suddenly need it, I can reach for it, attach it, and instantly have a bright light for reading on my Kindle or safely walking through my house.

Each miner’s headlamp has an adjustable band that fits around the wearer’s head, which means you are hands-free. Hands-free! The two-inch or larger light can then be aimed at eye level or turned downward, which is ideal for reading. Each lamp only needs three triple-A (AAA) batteries to operate.

These lamps are also ideal for walking pet dogs after dark, or maybe just to take a walk to see how much brighter the stars look in the darker-than-usual sky. I’m sure every owner creates their own favorite uses.

If you hate wandering around your house in the dark when the power fails, or trying to read by candlelight or while holding a flashlight to entertain yourself until the lights come back on, you may want to buy one of these headlamps too.

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