Have You Ever Worn A Miner’s Headlamp?

I have one and I love it

Anne Chisom
2 min readJul 28, 2022
Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

It’s summer in Virginia. We have the usual heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. In my small tree-filled town, we lose our electricity often because of those large trees, lightning strikes, and too many old above-ground power lines.

Usually, the electric power in our homes and businesses isn’t out of service for more than a few hours. But those lost hours in late afternoon or after full night time darkness are frustrating, to say the least.

How many things can we do in the dark?

I asked that question once during a Zoom call and received the perfect answer for me: a modified (smaller) miner’s headlamp. Meg Stewart, one of the Ninja Writers team on Medium, gave that suggestion because those lights are what her family uses on camping trips.

I took Meg’s idea and ordered one of the headlamps online.

I have loved my headlamp ever since the day I received it.

I confess. At first, I thought about how ridiculous I must look wearing a small headlight on my forehead. Was I going to look like one of the Minions I remembered from their movie years ago?

Then my common sense intervened. Who was going to see me wearing my miner’s headlamp? And so what…



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