Georgia Joins our Current Century

The state elects two Democrats in runoff election

The two Democratic senatorial candidates in Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 won their races. To repeat, both Democratic candidates won.

In Georgia. President Trump was very effective at turning off his fellow Republicans from even voting. His rhetoric, which started off as crazy-old-uncle rants, descended into urging Georgia Republican officials to break their state laws and federal laws to change the November election results and then declare Trump had won the state after all.

How low can Trump go?

The fear I feel is from wondering what Trump will do between now and Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Day on January 20th. Thank God enough officials are predicting some of what Trump might do and have headed off pieces and parts of his planned mayhem.

They weren’t successful in heading off the mayhem he created in Washington DC on Wednesday January 6th when hundreds of his most ardent and misguided followers invaded the US Capitol building. Both houses of Congress were in session at the time.

Wednesday, January 6th may be memorable in the future as the day when Trump’s followers rioted in Washington DC. I hesitate to write the word “rioted.” To think of rioting, or even unlawful assembly, by Republicans would have once been impossible.

When did the Republican Party change so much?

Republicans were once the champions of traditional values. Law and order were two of those values near the top of their list.

Now that we have discussed bad behavior bordering on sedition and treason by some Republicans, let’s talk about one of the subjects those Republicans, along with the rest of us, should be focusing on, talking about, and trying to improve.

Remember the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic should be the focus of attention. This virus has killed more than 350,000 Americans in the last year, one of them my brother

During the Georgia Senatorial runoff election neither of the Georgia Republican candidates even mentioned there was such a thing as the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

Much less did they even allude to distributing the new vaccine more quickly and efficiently. To repeat, more than 350,000 of their fellow Americans and nearly 11,000 of their fellow Georgians have died painfully, and in most cases alone, from this scourge.

The dearth of depth of these two Republican candidates, the obvious lack of empathy and new ideas from them are some of the reasons they deserved to lose their races.

The Georgia runoff election was important.

What does the loss by the Georgia Republican candidates mean? Their losses give us hope that we will now have a Senate led by Democrats that works for the greatest number of Americans.

What does the win by Georgia Democrats mean? It was their two victories that ensured there will be a Democratic majority in the Senate addressing America’s needs.

The Senate members will contribute to killing, or at least controlling, the corona crisis, which incoming President Biden has identified as one of his first priorities.

What else does the win by the Georgia Democrats mean? It means activist, brilliant planner, and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams deserves huge amounts of credit for tirelessly working to register voters.

Abrams then followed through to see that Democratic voters either voted early or showed up on election day to cast their ballots.

After attacking the pandemic and other immediate problems, there are at least four years of accumulated issues to be addressed.

The good news about this is: we’ve got new leaders coming aboard our Ship of State. We embark on a voyage where we conquer (throw overboard?) a conquered pandemic, we readopt good government management practices, and we seriously address our society’s social problems.

Maybe we’ll finally prioritize climate change.

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